Passenger train operations

Satisfied customers gave the best result ever

The best result ever
NSB passenger rail operations delivered its best result ever in 2015. A good result provides the financial leeway to continue investing and to increase services.
Growth in traffic

Strong growth in traffic in 2015 lay the foundation for the excellent financial outcome. The reason for the growth in traffic is twofold. A good year for tourism resulted in an increase in the number of passengers travelling on our regional trains. In addition, an extended train service, primarily in the eastern region of Norway, has resulted in many more passengers. NSB has worked for several years to achieve a 10-minute departure frequency between Asker and Lillestrøm and 2015 was the first full year with such a service. Sørlandsbanen, the south coast service, and the extended Trønderbanen through Trondheim to Melhus are other examples of lines with more frequent departures during 2015. Increased services have resulted in more passengers here as well.

More trains

Especially in eastern Norway, the influx of customers during rush hour is so great that the trains get crowded, despite more trains put in service and longer trains.  We are therefore pleased that NSB has received residual value for purchasing 44 new trains.  Up until 2020, a new train set will be put in service each month.  These trains will replace ageing trains on the Voss and Gjøvik lines, as well as several other lines in eastern Norway.

Better alternative journey

Upgrading by Jernbaneverket, the infrastructure owner, affects the predictability of the train service supplied by NSB, due to both planned and unplanned disruptions. When surveyed our customers single out this type of disruption as most problematic. Providing alternative transport as soon as the need occurs has therefore a high priority. For the customer this entails getting information early and personnel available to answer questions properly and suggest a good alternative route to their final destination, ideally by train if that is possible. It is nevertheless encouraging that customer feedback was noticeably more positive after the planned summer closure in 2015, compared to 2014.

National travel planner

Development of digital services is a major component in NSB passenger rail operations. The NSB app has become the preferred method of payment for most passengers, with improvements and additional services introduced regularly. In 2015 a pilot version of a new service “” was rolled out in Østfold, south-east Norway. This national route planner helps users find route information for the train, bus, tram and metro all over Norway.

Improved train service

NSB’s goal for 2016 is an even better train service for our passengers. A more seamless connection from the south-east (Østfoldbanen) through Oslo to the west (Bærum and Asker) and additional departures during peak hours from Hamar was introduced in December 2015, ready for the new year.